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We would love to meet you! At 'Minds to Grow' we offer a 'meet and greet' and social events where all the 'Minds to Grow' families can connect!

Meet & Greet

We want to get to know you! At 'Minds to Grow' we believe that the teacher and parent partnership is very important for childrens' growth in all areas. Before we start our learning sessions. Minds to Grow offers an initial ‘meet and greet’ with the family and child. During this meet and greet, we get to know each other to ensure the lessons planned meet their needs and interest. There will be a chance for myself and your child to complete some activities to ensure I understand their needs before commencing the learning sessions. This is completed via zoom. Click on link to organise a 'Meet & Greet'.

Family Together
Kids Blowing Bubbles

Social Events

‘Minds to Grow’ is all about connection and community! We want our kids to get to know each other; children thrive on building connections and being a part of a community. Once a term, we offer a ‘Minds to Grow’ meet up with all the children and families that are enrolled in one of our programs. We will try our best to make it at a place that is close to all the families. This gives us a chance to celebrate our children and create a community that supports children as whole beings. At the meet-ups there will be fun games, snacks and much more - an awesome family day out. We hope to see you there. Please keep an eye out in your emails and check our Instagram page for more information on this.

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