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About Me


Hi there, my name is Hayley!

 Welcome to the ‘Minds to Grow’ page! I am a qualified primary school teacher who has a passion for working with children. I began my teaching career 6 years ago, instantly falling in love with the profession. It sparks so much joy within me and getting to know young ones is the best part of my job.

I live in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria along with my partner and gorgeous little boy, who is 1. He is the light of my life! Becoming a Mum inspired me to get creative with teaching and along with my desire to work from home, an online and face-face  teaching platform, ‘Minds to Grow’ was developed.

School and learning can be daunting and have unrealistic expectations for our young ones. I believe learning can be joyful and that every child learns in different ways. As Rita Pierson said “every kid needs a champion and someone who will never give up on them, understands the power of connection and insists that they can become the best they can possible be”. I aim to be that someone for your child.

‘Minds to Grow’ caters to families and children who are in the mainstream school system,  travelling families, home-schooling families and children who are needing some extra support through tutoring and play based learning sessions.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.



At ‘Minds to Grow’ we are determined to make a difference in children’s lives and make a positive impact on families. ‘Minds to Grow’ isn’t just about the teaching - it’s about building a community that works together, sharing the same values and beliefs about our children’s learning and personal growth. It’s about creating connections and relationships with others. Our vision is to provide a learning platform that is flexible and fits in to your lifestyle, whether that’s while you are home-schooling or travelling. Our ‘Minds to Grow’ sessions can be completed anywhere!

We aim to bring the JOY factor to learning, building students up, following their leads and interests and ensuring that learning is purposeful and personal to them.

“It’s hard to express to you just how much you have done for us over this time, you have become a huge part of our family. You are amazing and deserve so much recognition for your kindness, strength, love and devotion towards the kids you teach. You do so much more than required”.




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